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Working From Home

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 It had always been a dream of ours to have our own business.

We were tired of building other people’s dreams and not being in control of our own future.  As the years went by we were starting to feel that we would never find that perfect business that would give us everything we wanted, to help our ministry, financial independence, quality time with our grandchildren and friends, freedom to do the things that are important to us.

We seached long and hard for a business that could give us what we were hoping for.  Unfortunately, we always came up empty handed.

Then, we were exposed to MonaVie from a couple of our church friends.  So, we took a big look.  We researched and attended a couple of business meetings.  We couldn’t believe what we discovered.  We felt incredible excitement build inside of us, thanking God, in discovering a true income potential in this Health industry.

Our quest for a great business was coming true, and we like to share this great business with others. 

Own your life ~ request info: ~ email:   or Enroll Now at:  

AL & Melody


Hello, & Welcome!

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cross1.gif  Hello, & Welcome To Work @ Home Christian Moms!

Modern Science has Discovered the Life-Enhancing Benefits of The Little Purple Fruit From The Amazon Called Acai.

MonaVie ~ is the perfect Home-Based business and I am expecting tremendous growth in 2008!